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Born Again: What is It?

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In today's post, we further explore  Second B's rich pastoral history with Pastor John Claypool. This sermon is from June2, 1985 - entitled "Born Again: What is it?"


Second B welcomed renowned theologian Dr.  John Claypool to the pastoral team in 1982, once again breaking the cultural mold as Hardy Clemmons and John Claypool joined to create a new model for pastoral care and leadership.

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Celebrating Dr. Hardy Clemons

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In today's post we celebrate the extraordinary life of Dr. Hardy Clemons. Dr. Clemons was the 2nd Senior Pastor of Second B. Dr. Clemons was called to preach in August of 1967 and officially began his over 20 year pastoralship at Second B on September 1, 1967 and continuing until the late 1980s. 

Although Dr. Clemons was no longer the Senior Pastor at Second B after this time, he made many appearances as the guest proclaimer and speaker at Second B in the following years and decades!

This blog contains a full playlist of Dr. Clemons' sermons and services as far back as the early 1970s and as late as the mid 2010s.  New sermons will be added to this playlist as they are digitized as well!

Also, make sure to check out  for a full page celebrating Hardy, with pictures and scrapbook clipping as well! Sure to bring back fond memories of times past for some as  well as enlighten some first timers.

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