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November 16, 2021

Church Family

At this time, our VLT is no longer requesting we wear our masks while on campus here at 2B. Of course, we encourage all to practice safety as a display of the love of Christ with respect to your preferences.

As this pandemic may have already or may soon transition to endemic, I’d like to offer my personal reflections with respect to COVID:

During this extended season, I believe that you Second B have modeled grace and faith over and over again. You have adjusted; you have encouraged; you have been the presence of Christ through card and call and car-parking-lot-worship and stale-pre-packaged-communion. Thank you— God bless you.

In March 2020 our VLT was placed in an impossible position. Just like our elected officials, our educators, our local businesses, our health care professionals— just like everyone alive in an age of COVID, it was and is truly difficult-- deadly even. Like Israel we have all spent more time in the desert than desired. I join you in prayer for the many losses of all types we have experienced. 

Today, I invite you to join me in gratitude for our VLT who time and again have sought the wisdom of God and the well-being of our congregation. And with each turn, you church have embodied the Spirit in a wild time. Wow and thank you.

It seems to me that our efforts of wearing masks and safe distances have been part of our responsibility. It seems to me good for us all to consult our health care providers regarding the value of vaccination. Further I want you all to hear directly from me how thankful I am for each of you. I see the face of Christ most often in you, while masked or over zoom or even naked.

If you would like to dialogue further, please do not hesitate to contact me or our directly. We remain in this journey together— a true honor.

God smile upon you today.