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Prayer Ministry

Welcome to the Second B Prayer  Card Ministry!

Especially during a time of social distancing, this allows you the opportunity to electronically fill out a prayer card and have it sent to the person(s) you wish . Still spreading the beautiful prayers from God's people!

The form below will allow you to download a template of  4 cards.

You can type them or hand write them:

1: TYPE: Download the PDF, fill them out on your computer then re-upload on this form.

2: HAND WRITTEN: Print them out, fill them out by hand, then scan and re-upload on this form:

Notice to Google Chrome Users:

To save your filled-out form:

  1. Fill out the form
  2. Hit the Print button
  3. Choose “Save As PDF” under “Destination”
  4. Then name and save as you normally do.
  5. Now you can re-upload it to the form

You can also use the template below to download, complete, scan, and re-upload the cards to the form.