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Who Are We?

Who Are Second B?

Second Baptist Church is an inclusive community of faith that embraces a unique gathering of diverse Christians.  All are welcomed and affirmed at Second Baptist Church. Dynamic, spiritual, and relevant worship which leads to action is our primary focus.  We strive to provide a loving, nurturing, and supportive fellowship along with a rich Christian education program for all ages. We build unity out of diversity. We do not just tolerate diversity; we respect diversity as Baptists who value our heritage. Our denominational partners are the Baptist General Convention of Texas, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and the Baptist World Alliance.  Second Baptist Church is committed to sharing the love of God in Christ and putting people into partnership with God.

Our History

Second Baptist Church has been a dynamic presence and spiritual leader in Lubbock and the South Plains for over 60 years.

Launched as a mission of First Baptist Church of Lubbock in 1958, the young church flourished at its original location on the growing south edge of town at the time, 53rd Street and Elgin Avenue. It remained at that location until December 2001, when it relocated to its current location at 6109 Chicago Avenue.

From its early days, a new spirit of team ministry that combined the strengths of lay and clergy leadership in partnership shaped the church. The Pastoral Team was composed of pastors who provided guidance in equipping laity in all areas of ministry. The church was led by an executive council, later renamed as our Vision Leadership Team,  that was charged with business as well as visionary direction. The Diaconate focused on servant and spiritual roles within the church rather than traditional business decisions. As an inclusive body, the church ordained women as well as men as deacons and pastors. Continuing to the present at Second B, every member is considered to be a minister, striving to discern his or her own unique gifts and using them to build the Kingdom of God wherever led to do so.

Through the years, Second B has been instrumental in helping to launch a number of community agencies and ministries in the Lubbock area including the Sick Children’s Clinic, South Plains Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, Family Promise, Breedlove Foods, St. Benedict’s Chapel, Parent Life, Kids Hope, and other mission efforts. The church partners in ministry with a number of Baptist organizations including the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Baptist Student Ministries International, and Logsdon Theological Seminary. We are a mission-minded church.


Our Vision

In 2016, Second Baptist adopted the following statements as Provocative Proposals to shape its vision and ministries for the year 2020:

  1.   2B’s Worship is a dynamic and spirit-filled fusion of diverse styles, traditions, music, and cultures. Worship opens us to transforming encounters with Christ and each other, and it calls us to action.
  2.  2B believes mission is a way of life. We discover and live out our personal missional calling.
  3.  2B is a beloved community, affirming, supporting and sharing life together. We each have deep, accepting, personal connections within the church family.
  4.  2B communicates in ways that are engaging, comprehensive, and cutting edge, with relevance to a 21st century world.
  5.  2B believes in Christ’s message of inclusion, justice, peacemaking, and reconciliation. We engage the world in thoughtful dialogue on the most challenging issues of the day in a faith-informed context.
  6.  2B cultivates deep wisdom and courageous faith. Rooted in the Biblical story and inspired by saints, past and present, we are faithful followers of Christ.