2B Sewing Circle

September 14, 2022 2:30pm

Contact: Jean Mallory


The 2B Sewing Circle is a group of ladies who love to "sew".  They  each feel it is their own personal mission ground or field.  They laugh a lot while they are sewing - each feeling they are always happiest when making something. 

Their main mission is to sew little dresses for girls in Haiti or the Dominican Republic.  Most of the recipients of these dresses have never had a dress to wear before.  The 2B Sewing Circle women love to see little girls being helped in some way by Second Baptist Church.  Each dress sewn has a tag that says: "Made with Love from 2nd Baptist Church, Lubbock, Texas".    Many women have helped to make the dresses either by sewing or donating materials. 

During the summer Music & Arts Camp, they host a class to teach young Lubbock girls (or boys) to sew.

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